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Ever seen old gambling films? A hotshot gambler giving his (under aged) wife a few dollars to play the slot machines, so he can have a quiet game of serious gambling? Well this scene is not as old as you may think. Up to the late as the mid – seventies slots were not thought of serious games of chance. In those days a “respectable” table player wouldn’t be caught playing the slots.

Slot machines have made a long way. The traditional historic name for slots was “The One Armed Bandit“, for clear reasons. But they have grown out of those early Western times, gaining more friendly names, such as “slots” or slot machine.

The first generations were mechanical devices. People used to try all kinds of ways (quite creative sometimes) to beat the house. Using magnets, drilling a hole through the side of the machines and much more!

Classic slot machines

There was even a legal method discovered by a few that involved a style of pulling the handle that controlled the drop of one or more of the reels. This increased odds greatly, and caused the casino operators some concern until a technique was developed to eliminate this advantage.

Video killed the radio star, but video games brought slot machines back to life, changing their status forever. The casino operators developed a new line of electronic slot machines, ones that offered brilliant graphics and thrilling sound effects.

They also added further improvements such as connecting several machines together and taking a small percentage of every play and adding it to a jackpot total. If no one hits the jackpot for some time it can grow into an enormous amount, and although the odds are small, one lucky player will win big one day. These “jackpots” also helped to increase slot popularity to where it is today.

Outside manipulating of the machines by cheaters became just a part of slot machine history, since almost all slot machines are electronic and computer controlled.

Today slots are the most popular form of both land and Web Based Gambling, with up to 40% of casino income.

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Online Slot Machines – How To Play

The players aim is to get a winning line on the slot machine as stated in the Winnings Diagram. The most basic slot machines require you to bet one coin (a fixed amount such as a dollar), they have only three reels, only one payout line, and pay a multiple of the bet coins value (e.g. The out come of three apples on the payout line will be a payout 300 times the bet coins value).

After inserting the coin and pulling a handle (or presses a button on the front panel) the player waits for the wheels to stop on the payout line to see if, and how much he has won (the payout symbols and payoff values are posted on the front of the machine).

The machines of the new generation, accept up to five coins, can have up to five wheels, and in some cases have up to five payout lines (three across and two diagonal).

Slots at Casinos Online

The simplicity of slot machines remains also when gambling at best online casinos in UK.

The first thing to do once you’ve decided on the amount you want to gamble is depositing it into the slot machine by clicking on the appropriate chip.

Next, select the value of the coin you want to bet in each spin: $0.25, $1, or $5.

Last, choose the number of these coins that you wish to bet in the next spin by clicking on the BET ONE button once, twice, or three times. If you choose to bet the maximum amount of coins (3), you can also do it by clicking the BET MAX button.

If you do so, the slot machine will spin automatically. If you bet one or two coins, you start the machine by clicking the SPIN button or clicking on the arm.

Cashing out is possible whenever you wish to do so. Just click on CASH OUT and receive your credit in the machine.

Here is an example of a winnings diagram:

Coins Bet
1          2         3
3 Sevens – 1000 – 2000 – 5000
3 Triple Bars – 250 – 500 – 750
3 Double Bars – 50 – 75 – 150
3 Single Bars 25 – 50 – 75
3 Plums 10 – 20 – 30
3 Cherries 10 – 20 – 30
Any Triple Bar 4 – 8 – 12
Any 2 Cherries 4 – 8 – 12
Any Single Cherry 2 – 4 – 6

Slot Machines Winning Strategies


Hot slots, a giving machine, a machine that didn’t give for a long time, these are only a small selection of believes that people have about slot machines that have better chances of winning.

Don’t waste your time trying to find a “due” to payoff machine it’s a myth. The slot machines are programmed at the manufacturing site to be random; each play on each machine has the same odds no matter how often or how long ago it paid off.

One of the true facts about slot machines is that mostly, higher value machine payoff a little more often the smaller value machines. The nickel and quarter machines usually pay the least, while the $100.00 machines pay off the most often.

It is also true that if you are a consistent player, and play a lot the casino may regard you as a preferred customer. The casino may give these preferred customers a prize in an attempt to keep them coming and playing in their casino.

Simple Slots

There is no strategy in simple slot machines. All you do is insert money, pull the handle (click the key) and let luck take its course. Just remember to gamble with what you can afford to lose. Take your wins when you get them, and play for fun.

Multiple-Coin Slots

Multiple-Coin slots are slot machines that can be played with multiple coins. There are two different kinds:

The first kind is machines that by increasing the number of payout lines, it is possible to increase the odds of winning. There is a maximum of five lines three horizontal and two diagonal. Each coin played adds one more. The machine will pay out on winning sequences on all lines you’ve bet on.

The second kind, are slot- machines that their payout depends on your bet.

For instance, if one coin is played the payout might be 200 coins, 500 coins for two coins played and if a third coin is played – 1000 coins. In these machines the best strategy is to play the maximum number of coins, because assuming you win the same number of times the additional payout percentage makes you more money.

It is smarter to play a quarter machine using maximum coins than to play a dollar machine using one coin.

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Winning Attitude

There are a few points you should keep in mind when you want to win some real money at an online casino slot machine.

The casinos know well and not from a book that greed is the greatest motivator, so know yourself and play according to your style.

Limit your play to 3 to 5 pulls on any one machine. On quarter machines you can allow yourself a little more pulls.

If you enjoy playing the slots randomly, that’s fine, it’s your money. We played that way for many years and thinking we’re enjoying ourselves and loosing money, but we can tell you we have a lot more fun now using specific techniques.

To avoid disappointment make sure you understand the winnings diagram on any slot you play.

Don’t chase the Jackpot, Particularly on the high-end slots. If you want to play for fun then play the nickel machines. $5.00 will take you too far too soon.

It is best to play the maximum number of coins, depending on you and your funds. This will increase your odds for a bigger win. If you get a good hit…play another couple of pulls and run.

Don’t forget yourself. Make sure you notice when you cannot afford more losses and stop. Don’t count on the casino to tell you you’re exaggerating.

Take a chance on high-end machines such as the 5.00 slots only when you can afford it. If you get lucky, grab the money and run (or in our case – click out immediately).

Slot Machines – Terms

  • Fill – a name for the act of a casino employee filling the hopper when it runs out of coins.
  • Hold House profit – a percentage of each game. Usually 3% to 15%.
  • Hopper – this is where the coins are held in the machine. Hoppers not only run empty, they also overflow. When this happens the surplus coins drop into a bucket underneath the hopper, making the casino profit. The buckets are usually emptied in the early morning hours when traffic is slow.
  • Pay cycle – a widely held belief which means that, after taking in a number of coins slot machines must pay out in order to meet the percentage payout that has been programmed into the software.
  • Pay line – the line in the middle of the slot window. Can be three or even five lines. Only winning symbols on a pay line will make the coins drop.
  • Reels – the reels on which the symbols are displayed, usually three reels but sometimes two and four or even higher. The more reels the machine has the harder it is to hit the jackpot.
  • Symbols – the icons or symbols that appear on the reels can be anything, depending on the manufacturers imagination.
  • Take cycle – this is the opposite of the pay cycle. If you believe in the pay/take philosophy then you believe that a pay cycle is always followed by a take cycle, meaning you may get a small hit but basically it’s feeding time for the slot.
  • Tilt – slots stop paying and the tilt light comes usually because they have run out of coins, or because a coin is stuck in mechanism. slots memory will hold coins owed to the player and will pay after the corrections have been made to the problem.